Perception of males and females can shape up the life of a male massage therapist

Locations like Bangkok and Thailand is extremely famous for massage and massage therapies. It includes both male massage and female massage therapists to cater to the services of everyone. This place always has something for and can always be termed as one of the most happening places in the world. Gradually more and more males are joining this business, and this job opportunity is increasing every day. The two genders, as in males and females have different perceptions about the male masseuses.

Perception of males about male massage therapists

Masculinity and sexuality are a few challenges that a male masseuse needs to face. Having a muscular guy catering to your needs, relaxing you or rubbing your muscles can make you feel real kinky. Therefore, a man has lesser tendencies to opt for a male massage therapist. A bit of homophobia is also recorded in such cases. They might cringe with fear and disgust.

Male massage therapists perceived as gay

It is also feared that if it goes out in the public that they have succumbed to the services of a gay massage therapist, then they might be thought to be gay and that is a tag no man wants to be with. On the other side, the point that the male masseuse is himself gay even if that is not the case is something that can bother the clients. But they are all educated in ethics and professionalism and therefore all these never play a big role.

Perception of females about male massage therapists

The perception of female clients, on the other hand, is also somewhat similar, but a different train of thoughts play its role over there. Females find it uncomfortable to be treated by male massage therapist because they fear that there are chances of getting raped and fondled. In many cases, the male masseurs are perceived as perverts who joined this profession with the sole purpose of rubbing women’s bodies and attaining satisfaction and arousal from such body works. So, here the fear is completely opposite.

Other security issues

Here the fear is not that the guy is gay, but on the other hand, they fear that he is not and therefore there might be security issues. It is obviously difficult to overcome these obstacles, but it is not impossible. You need to work with absolute sincerity, dedication and professionalism. If this perception problem is one of the biggest disadvantages for a male masseur, then the advantage is that males are more largely taken as business owners.

A male massage therapist needs to balance both the advantages and disadvantages if he has to make a mark in this field of business.